Steamboat Men's Freeski Big Air World Cup Pick'em Leaderboard
Competition Details

What: Steamboat Men's Freeski Big Air World Cup

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States

Structure: Big Air is where skiers ride down a hill or ramp and performs aerial tricks after launching off very large jumps. In most versions, there is one large jump and therefore only one opportunity to perform a trick. It is an extreme version of slopestyle where competitors perform complex tricks in the air, aiming to attain sizable height and distance as well, all while making every effort to secure a clean landing. Many competitions also require the rider to do a specific trick to win the major prize.

The Steamboat Freeski Big Air World Cup is an event where the best snowboarders in the world compete for a chance to be in the Olympics and try to win one of the marquee events of the season

Go to or view the rider profiles below to see the snowboarders tricks that they can perform to get insight on who is the best snowboarder in the world and who will win.

Mac Forehand

Date: 12/04/2021
Freeski Big Air Pick'em Structure

An entry will gain points and move up the leaderboard based on where their picks place in the competition. The leaderboard will be updated after each set of runs from all of the skiers. After the competition ends, the points will be tallied up and finalized and the winners will be notified. The entry that has the most points wins. The points correspond to the prize money for the competitors.

1st - 450 pts
2nd - 235 pts
3rd - 125 pts
4th - 60 pts
5th - 30 pts
6th - 25 pts
7th - 22 pts
8th - 20 pts
9th - 17 pts
10th - 15 pts
11th and on - 0 pts

If there is a tie for the total amount of points, the skiers selection position in the entry and the place they finished will be used to determine the winner. The first tiebreaker is 1st place, then 2nd place, and finally 3rd place. If there is still a tie, the earnings will be split

Payout Structure:
1st - $25
2nd - $15
3rd - $10

The winner will be contacted via their email to figure out how to send winnings

The winners will be paid out if the competition reaches a minimum of 50 entries
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