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X Stands for the Unknown for Real To Recognize Real

idX is a museum for the craft. Write the style of skiing and snowboarding when hitting the park or the streets, wherever or whoever you are.

Push your progression, secure the bag of tricks, and get noticed by the homies, crew, contests, sponsors, or the world. We are the place to have fun while wanting to enable you to go outside, hit the streets, park, mountain, or hell even a golf course and be the skier or snowboarder you strive to be. All while being able to see others from around the world do the same thing.

You can instantly look up any ski or snowboard trick with a video - by grab, feature, rotation, axis, flavor, and rider. Plus, upload your tricks, lines or edits, see what's happening around the world via our 3D Map,  completely control your feed, add your crew to idX, talk with others, share videos to the gram, and so much more! 

We're just a group of 26ish year olds skiers and snowboarders (considered old heads by the crowd) who grew up riding big mountain terrain, hitting Kings Crown, going to High Cascade, watching X Games or 4bi9 and Frends Crew edits in our spare time, and riding the sketchiest midwest parks with man made snow blowing in our face till 1AM in the morning.

We know how awesome that feeling is of your first boardslide, sliding a kink rail, hucking yourself off a cliff, or going cork 7 and like to imagine how it feels to do a quad backflip. Ultimately, we want there to be a better place to express those vibes. idX is that so check out our iOS, Android, or Web App. You won't be disappointed.

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