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idX gives you an app to write the style of skiing and snowboarding when hitting the park or the streets, wherever or whoever you are.

Secure the bag of tricks, get noticed with the crew, sponsors, and the world plus progress yourself in skiing and snowboarding. We don't care about followers, views, dancing, the newest social media sound, or how many cuts your clip has; we just care about if you can land a switch lip 270, rodeo 540, and helping you become a better skier or snowboarder. You can build a portfolio of tricks for sponsors, coaching, and competition invites, or if you just want to showcase yourself and brag to your friends, we're good with that too. Feel free to talk and learn with other skiers and snowboarders on idX, share videos to the gram, and much more! 

Explore thousands of tricks and maneuvers across the ski and snowboard world

Tricks from competitions, athletes, and around the internet are now searchable and filterable, all the way down to doing a double cork off a cannon rail. Query for tricks by name, difficulty, sport, grabs, stance, athlete, competition, location, rail type, feature type, rotation, degree, and more. You name, it, we got it! Learn what a backside 360 is or how to throw double cork 1260 in competition.

Compare and learn from the best athletes in the world

Join Discord communities with your favorite professional athletes to receive personalized coaching tips, access to mountain meetups, filming sessions, product discounts, social promotions, exclusive edits, and more!

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