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Once a week we cover the progression, riders, and things going on with idX along with the broader global freeski and snowboard world. If you take your email seriously or can't stand a joke, this might not be for you. - Mia

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The Schools of Cork

The School Of Cork

We'd like to take moment out of your time to tell you that this newsletter is sponsored by Cork Sky High. "Click here to see more about our school, lets go Eagles, and hit the park!" - Superintendent Steven A. Steeze

Cork Sky High Experiences With The Cork


Noah going high at Mt. Bachelor

Cork Sky High Experiences Going High

South Harmon Institute of Technical Rails

Cork Sky High's rival school, South Harmon Institute of Technical Rails, who also sponsored this newsletter, would also like a word according to Vice Principal Snake Bayless

Technical Rail Skiers 401

Thank you Vishnu for allowing us to cross skis over 90°

idX Devology

Our software developers make absolutely no money so it's hard to make them commit anything that actually works in this extremely unprofitable business. We know there is a bug where if you connect with bluetooth or an external device like your car, sometimes the videos go black. So we have to restart our phone which sucks. We also just released a big update so that you can show you are filming better by being able to compress 250MB clips and you can tag people in comments and descriptions! Ultimately, our goal is to get idX fully working across all devices so that everyone in the ski and snowboard community can be included in sharing the send in a way we think represents skiing and snowboarding at it's core. Thanks for all the support and love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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