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Once a week we cover the progression, riders, and things going on with idX along with the broader global freeski and snowboard world. If you take your email seriously or can't stand a joke, this might not be for you. - Mia

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The Infinite Winter

The Infinite Winter

After idX launched, the Infinite Winter has come into existence. We're not sure if that's because idX stands for Infinite Degrees Unknown, or because when thelifty moved to SLC he tampered with the water supply, but either way we're good with it. Peep the email and the app to see what's been happening!

Film Better in 2023

We hope you are stoked on this just as much as we are - novybbg (idX and IG) designed a shirt for what the skiing and snowboarding community has been saying for years - film better. All profits are going to go to novybbg and thanks so much for creating the dopest shirt of 2023 and the gaffer to endorse filming better. Here you can find the LST and the Tee for some spring and summer skiing (in May).

idX Clips You Must Watch

idX Cash Jams Update

After announcing the cash jams two weeks ago, we've run into an issue about paying people out. Fill this form if you want to get paid out! Also, we'll try to reach out to everyone, but from personal experience, we are terrible at responding to emails, DMs, and anything other than carrier pigeon mail. The Cash Jams for Reference

idX News

We clipped the Women's Freeski 2023 Tignes Slopestyle Competition.

The steezepolice, cindiousprime, and thelifty are encountering different characters on the mountain as the steezepolice and thelifty have have to appeared to combine forces in the comments section

idX Devology

We are making updates to the comments ASAP but have introduced a new feature for the maps where you can search for spots so you don't have to scroll. If the maps feature takes a minute to load, we would recommend force quitting the app and then re-opening it! Working on that too!


It's Gaper Day 4/1 (Stay tuned)
Snowbasin (the source of Utah Pow for the last week), has a Spring Showdown with Tom Wallisch on 4/1!
The Bombhole Cup is Back at Brighton starting 4/1

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