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Once a week we cover the progression, riders, and things going on with idX along with the broader global freeski and snowboard world. If you take your email seriously or can't stand a joke, this might not be for you. - Mia

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Spring Breakers Invade idX

Spring Breakers Invade idX

thelifty and the steezepolice allegedly went to dinner to reconcile, but conversation soon diverged into the evolution of a K-Fed. After the gaffer uploaded a super fed, zac.sureman launched a sw lip k-fed and blendbuster2 landed a nice surface K-Fed. When thelifty and the steezepolice finished their 10 drinks at local Spring Break Hotspot the Vintage Room at Deer Valley (where all the locals go) they wondered, who will claim a K-Fed but with a 630 Out. Is it an ultra fed, an uber fed, a future fed? Fortunately, official_no_poles had the answer with the Mega Fed

Are Poles Allowed in the PNW

Poles Are Allowed in the PNW and Elsewhere

Film Better in 2023

ICYMI, novybbg (idX and IG) designed a shirt for idX to film better. The shirts are a little crunchy, but still fresh. All profits are going to go to novybbg. Here you can find the LST and the Tee for some spring and summer skiing (in May).

Dew Tour Blogs

If you haven't been following us on the gram, we somehow got media access to the Dew Tour. We wrote a bit about the competitions, included some quotes from the riders, and our time behind the scenes. Here are the first few blogs:

idX News

We clipped the Dew Tour Men's Skiing Super Streetstyle for riders on national teams.Nefarious sea overlord Captain Quint has joined idX. From being a menace in the comments and harkening back to the cossacks that were thrown in the 60s, he discovered something after our April Fools Joke.


idX Devology

Tagging in comments and captions should be out in the next few days along with a better map experience. Enjoy and get after it for the last few weeks of the season!

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