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Has ChatGPNoseButter Gone Too Far?

Has ChatGPNoseButter Gone Too Far?

After idX sponsored the First Snake podcast, ChatGPNoseButter was formed. We have no clue how it was formed, who would actually create such a pointless thing, and where to access GPNoseButter, but it's started to spout off weird and insightful intel about our dreams.

idX Username Power Rankings

The first thing we noticed was that we were all dreaming about the different idX usernames created this past winter. We've decided to create a power ranking.

11. zac.sureman
"Sure, why not" - something we think about whenever we go front swap, back swap, front swap on a quad kink

10. ak_shedder
We were about to call our legal team when we saw this username, only to realize that ak_shedder is reppin' one of the greatest places to ski and board

9. novybbg
Who is novy and what does bbg stand for? Is it baby girl? All we know is that high bitrates are essential whenever novy goes on idX.

8. official_no_poles
Leading the greatest revolution since ketchup was put on a hot dog, we won't be surprised when poles are extinct in the terrain park in 5 years.

7. full_mast
(Self Explanatory)

6. gaffer

We don't know if gaffer is an old man who gets corked, but clearly the boss ski mentality is effective

5. asparagus
Just a constant reminder to eat your vegetables and that ramen packets are not a sustainable source of sustenance

4. bake_groot

"I am baked Groot?"

3. ogit
ogit is posting from Sweden, so we're not sure what "ogit" means. We even looked it up in the world's most trusted source of information (Urban Dictionary) and nothing turned up. Assuming this is some Swedish slang.

2. ski
A timeless name for a timeless activity

1. blendbuster2
A modern mix of the ChatGPNoseButter generated usernames with a personal twist. We have no idea why blendbuster1 wasn't used, but it's reminiscent of when the head goes black when spinning.

(Honorable mention to Luchador - the best name on idX).

Mia whenever writing these emails

GPNoseButter's Stance on Cash Jams

Along with infiltrating our dreams, GPNoseButter hacked our instagram Friday Night and dropped this:"Yo, so welfare exonomics is all about maximizing the good vibes and well-being of everyone in the hood, you know? We're talking about how to distribute resources and goods in a way that makes everyone stoked, not just some of the homies. We gotta balance everyone's needs and wants, and find the policies and strategies that are gonna give us the sickest overall benefit. It's all about keeping it real and making sure everyone's living their best life, ya feel me?"So yeah, you heard it from the man, woman, or whomever. Cash for the Pushin P jams will be distributed accordingly to the skiers and snowboarders that send it (RIP thelifty) on idX. Infinite Cash Jams are abolished too and will be given out accordingly to Pushin P’ distributions. We are pushin' Pushin P jams to when the last resort in North America closes (latest will be 8/31/2023).

idX Devology

We released an update this past Tuesday

  • We added the ability to upload unlisted clips (for the sloppy tricks, cool stuff on the mountain, or whatever you want to upload but don't want it to show up publicly - only to your followers).
  • You can organize your bag of tricks
  • We've improved searching and now maps are only for those who have uploaded tricks.
  • Usernames with spaces are now fixed on the web
  • New compression algorithm is in beta testing
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