First Evidence of Alien Aircraft Found on idX

"Alien Proof Found on idX" - Wallride Journal

After two shocking articles came out about the Pentagon releasing unidentified aircraft video and the US were holding alien aircraft corroborated by US Intelligence Officials, we turned to the first place the Feds might have found alien hideout locations: idX. We were shocked what we have discovered over the winter. (Sources: WorldStarHipHop, The Debrief, idX).

Top Alien Hideouts and Bases Revealed

Brain Bowl Sessions 2023

Boulder, CO and Summit County


Brighton, Utah


Glacial Monster Discovered In Canada

Nicknamed Glaccie (after it's rumored cousin Nessie - the Loch Ness Monster), world renowned geologists, anthropologists, archeologists, and environmentalists combed through idX to find shocking evidence at the Sunshine Village pond skim from yvng._brady.

(Completely non-doctored photo of Glaccie - a part land, part water, part glacial creature - with her 1000 pound body hidden under the snow)

idX Devology

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Confirmed (Or Maybe Denied) US Officials

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idX Headquarters

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