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Welcome to the party, it happens every Thursday-ish!
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Introducing the idX Cash Jams

Cash Jam Details

After idX annoyance thelifty went to West Wendover, Nevada and walked away with over $2000, we decided to set up the idX Cash Jams after he donated the winnings to us. We are giving out over $2k (USD) for the rest of the season across 5 events: Best Crew ($550), Pushin P - Snowboard ($600), Pushin P - Ski ($600), The Infinite Board Cash Jam ($125), and The Infinite Ski Cash Jam ($125). Peep the app for more details, but we wanted to throw out there at all clips from the 2022-2023 season are eligible and that have been uploaded elsewhere.

idX Clips You Must Watch

idX Controversies

The day after posting our bank account balance to our Instagram Story to prove to the idX community that we had secured and deposited thelifty's money, our bank (SVB) went kaboom. 97% of our bank's total assets (approximately ~$151B), are gone. Fortunately, due to our lack of business acumen and ability to raise money, our deposits are safe and FDIC ensured by the US Government. The Cash Jams go on!


Ride for Jake Day is on this Saturday (3/11) around the World!

We've made an idX Events Directory because it's almost impossible to keep track of all the local events going on that we see on the gram - feel free to add!

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